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All software is the result of our own development since the 1996

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Precisely because of our own development all software is adaptable for the most demanding and diverse ways of doing business

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SLEDAT - preproste in vam prilagojene programske rešitve za transport in prevozništvo, varovanje stavb, upravljanje objektov, turizem, kmetijstvo in vzdrževanje cest

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Our team

Sledat is a trademark and a project of Sledat d.o.o. company which it was founded in 1996 as a radio stations repair workshop, mainly of ICOM brand. In 2005, the company established its own development department for production of their own tracking systems and integrated communications solutions. This was the period that led to the development Sledat software solutions, which are also our own development with our own team of programmers and precisely because of this, they are customized to the needs and requirements depending on the user desires. We offer customers  a tailor-made software solutions in transport, security, tourism, facility management, agriculture and road maintenance.


Company Director: Robert Zorc

Founder of the company: Uroš Spruk


Robert Zorc
Executive Director
Service and installation
Gregor Beguš
sales department
Head of Department
Štefka Spruk
Emergency line

Firsthand tips and facts

“Sledat solutions are enabling more control, lower costs, improved safety, productivity and transparency in business activities and performing working activities on a field in a real time.”

Robert Zorc Executive Director

“Vehicle tracking and work processes is used by most businesses, which uses tracking as part of the work process. That’s why all known that no system is completely accurate with the exception of Sledat tracking, which uses a “real time” tracking that promptly records and directly displaying on your screen”

Tibor Bitežnik Programmer

“Web Office is an indispensable complement to Sledat telematics solutions that can be integrated in the work processes in the company, which already use other forms of tracking vehicles or work processes. Despite the innocent name, the Web Office is extremely powerful operational tool, which from one point provides a management of the entire business process in your company.”

Uroš Spruk Director

“All software is the fruit of our own development and has basically been designed so that it is suitable and adaptable for the most demanding and diverse ways of doing business with very specific or various activities. We can adapt everything from tracking vehicles, workers, work processes. As well the use of the Web office and all the way to the adjustment of Mobile offce to workers on a field”

Rok Špacapan Programmer

“Web Office allows you to monitor the progress of each work and projects that are taking place in your work and also make sure that the work runs smoothly from beginning to end. By using the online office will make your business faster, more efficient and, most importantly, more profitable! The advantage of Web office lies in the fact that it is extremely flexible and can be integrated into any workflow within the company.”

Gregor Beguš head of sales department

“Good and clear communication between employees is always te key to successfully work done. However, the interaction of people within the office compared to drivers or workers on the field, significantly differs in that, that through telephone conversations and text messages many important informations is lost between the context. therefore Sledat – Mobile Office enables clear transmission of tasks and validating them when they are done.”

Štefka Spruk Emergency line