Track the location of your animals on pasture - A solution to make it easier to find animals in the field and less worries.

The Sledat system allows you to monitor animals in real time, which means that you can check their location on a map anywhere and anytime via computer or phone. In addition to showing the location of the animals on the map, you can check the pattern of movement of the animals in the past.

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In addition to tracking on a map, the Sledat system also allows you to set up virtual fences (geofence) that act as a virtual boundary or area. When an animal enters or leaves a preset area, an alert is triggered that notifies you of the event by a call, text message, or email.



Subscription packages Animal tracking are designed to allow the selection of those functionalities that the user needs to track animals. The price of an individual package depends on the selected functionalities and the type of animal.

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Advantages and benefits:

  • Track your herd location anywhere, anytime
  • Examine where your animal has moved in the past (determine movement pattern)
  • SMS and call alerts (low battery status, entry and exit from the virtual fence)
  • All you need is a web browser and an internet connection


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